The Ultimate Boss Lady Christmas Guide

Saturday May 11, 2019

boss lady gift guide




I have always been an excellent gift giver! Not to toot my horn or anything (toot, toot!) Haha! But seriously, I am one of those people that put s a lot of thought behind each gift I give. I actually have a note on my phone with everyone that I care about and their names and whenever they mention to me something they love, or that they desire, I add it under their name. That way, when it comes time to gift them something for any occasion, I always have a list of all the things they would LOVE!! I have never seen the purpose of giving someone a half-ass gift that they might not love. It just doesn’t make sense to me!! 


Seeing that I have officially been a FULL-TIME Boss Lady for 1-year this Christmas, I thought this gift guide would be fun for those of you who are looking to buy some fun and different gifts for all the boss ass ladies in your life who are running their empires!! Everything on this list is something I use and love and adore on an everyday basis! These are my boss lady essentials (kind of like my survival kits) and I know the boss ladies in your life will love them, too!! Everything on this list ranges from $12-$250! All types of gifts and price ranges for all kinds of Boss Ladies!!


**There are some affiliate links below, but these are all products we highly recommend. We will never put anything on this website that we haven’t verified and/or personally used. We may receive a small commission in exchange if you purchase through our links, that is at no additional cost to you. Please see our Privacy Policy + Disclosure for more information.**


1. The Hashtag Files Society – The BEST Instagram Growth Resource – ($35)

Give the gift of Social Media Impact with this amazing membership site, started by yours truly, that has helped THOUSANDS of Boss Ladies grow their followings, connect with their ideal audience and make a bigger impact and grow their business at the same time!! This Boss Babe Insta-Tool is not only a hashtag service that will help you get the BEST hashtags for growth in your niche (6,000+ Hashtags and counting & 255+ Categories), but there are tons of amazing trainings, professional feminine stock photos, Instagram monthly posting ideas and so much more! Take a look below and see what some of our amazing members are saying and take a look at how much the boss babe in your life will be thanking you for this gift!!


2. Nespresso Magic Coffee Machine – ($200)

This is God’s gift to the coffee lovers! I could NEVER live without this magical piece of equipment on my kitchen counter. I literally dream of my coffee every single night. The coffee quality from the Nespresso is unlike anything I have ever had before. It is smooth, frothy and sooooo damn good! It is like having a latte from your favorite cafe but in the comfort of your PJs and at your own desk! My favorite way to drink this is with a couple of tablespoons of my favorite vanilla coconut creamer in the frother and high vibe and inspirational mug!


3. Gorgeous Drink Tumblers – ($18) 

Nothing says “drink more water” like a cute and inspirational cup with a straw! These 20oz tumblers come in many gorgeous patterns that will look cute on your boss ladies desk all day! Water, iced coffee or champagne – we won’t judge! Fill her up and take her on the go or keep her at your desk to hydrate and slay all day!! My favorites are the Black/Gold + Blue/Pink


4. The Traveling Ring Light – ($20)

Every boss lady knows how important good lighting is when you are recording a training, hosting a webinar or going live on Facebook! This compact lighting system is great to throw in your suitcase so that you can have the best lighting for your biz on the road! Plus, at that price – you can’t beat it!!


5. Stylish Leather Backpack – ($24)

Last year I finally threw away my high school backpack and decided to invest in a luxury backpack that felt high vibe and held my laptop and all the things! Not only does this fit my Macbook and binder, but since I am able to wear it on my back I can also keep my hands free! Briefcases are so 90’s!! And this particular backpack comes in lots of colors :-)


6. Blue Light Blocking Glasses – ($20)

I use these exact glasses every single day in my business!! Since I am staring at screens all day long, the blue light can be damaging to your sleep schedule and hurt your eyes. These stylish glasses should be in EVERY boss ladies stocking this year as they are cute and serve a purpose!!


7. Echo Show – ($230)

Music, weather, podcasts, reading books, looking up recipes, video meetings and more! We use our Alexa Show every single day!! The possibilities are endless!! Not to mention you can sync all Amazon devices together and turn your home into a full-blown concert! I don’t know what I would do without this gadget in my home!


8. “Big Magic” By Elizabeth Gilbert – ($13)

There are only a few books that have actually changed my life and helped me grow as a businesswoman! Elizabeth Gilbert, most well known for “Eat, Pray, Love”, inspires creatives all over the world to go after their dreams unapologetically! Part self-development and part inspirational, everyone needs to read this!!


9. “Style Your Mind For Success” By Cara Alwill Leyba – ($15)

The fun thing about this book is it is a workbook! Cara has filled it with all kinds of journal prompts that make you think about your business in a way that isn’t common! I truly enjoyed filling out all of the prompts and everything that I wrote in her original “Style Your Mind” workbook has come true!! I can’t wait to read back this book next year and see the fruits of my labor coming true!


10. Blue Podcast Mic – ($50)

With podcasting being a great way to make money, bring in a new audience and raise brand awareness – this podcast mic is PERFECT for the boss lady looking to get her voice out there! I actually use it for my podcast The Hashtag Files! Pair this mic with a simple editing system and a hosting site for the podcast and you are ready to go!!

Instagram Hashtags

11. Kindle E-Reader – ($80)

Since the Boss Lady in your life might really love to read, this is the most fun (an efficient) way to read multiple books and never lose what page you are on, again! I keep my kindle by my bedside and it helps me stay off my phone at night and give me something productive to do in the morning!


12. Phone Tripod – ($14)

Nothing is more frustrating than a shakey Facebook Live and a tired AF arm! This tool has been my go-to for when I want to go live in my group and connect with my boss babe squad! The bendable legs make this a fun and super useful tool that the boss lady in your life will be obsessed with!


13. Cable/Cord Organizer + Carrying Case – ($10)

FIRST, it is rose gold YAAAS! Second, no one likes tangled cords all over the place. This organizer is shockproof and a safe way to keep your chargers, headphones, external hard drives and more really safe!


14. Boujee TeaCup Set – ($20)

These fancy teacups make me feel bossy AF! Their double wall design is will help create the perfect temperature afternoon tea for the pick me up every boss lady needs! I live for these and your girl will too!!


15. Whiteboard Easel – ($70)

Our whiteboard is one of the most practical tools we ever purchased for our business! We track everything from Hashtag Files Society Members to sales and our to-do lists! I love this easel so that you can move it around wherever you might need it! Pair it with a pack of colorful dry erase markers and you are good to go!


16. Boujee Tea Tasting Set – ($30)

Pair these gourmet tea’s from Tea Forte with your boujee teacups and you will have one happy boss lady! Nothing says “I love you” like this amazing set!!


17. “The Big Leap” By Gay Hendricks – ($12)

2017 was one of the biggest years of my life and I attest some of that to the books I read! Gay challenged me to stop playing small and THANK GOD for him!! This book is a MUST read for everyone!


18. Thank You + Compliment Card Set – ($18)

Every business owner needs a stack of thank you and compliment cards to keep on hand for many occasions! Whether it is for their team, their clients or even their coaches – it is nice to have a bunch of cute cards on hand and not have to run to the store when you want to drop a thank you or a compliment!


19. You Need A Budget – ($84)

This tool has been invaluable to our business!! Keep tabs on your spending, expenses, and income and have access to it instantly on your phone, tablet or computer! We have been using YNAB since 2013 and there isn’t any other system that compares to this budgeting tool!!

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The Ultimate Boss Lady Christmas Guide 1
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