Hey girl, heyyy! I’m Courtney!

The Universe totally brought you here today because they knew we needed to become online biz besties!!

I’m that girl you can call on for ALL THINGS Instagram, #Hashtags, Organic Social Media, Motivation (when you aren’t feeling it anymore and want to quit and become a Starbucks Barista instead of building your company – I’ve been there trust me), Virtual Hugs (for those anxiety prone days when all you want to do is snuggle your pup and watch Gilmore Girls), and a Kick In The Ass (when you need to fire a client/or employee and have been putting it off because you are scared – been there too, LOL)

Just call me your Virtual Business BFF.

I help Badass Boss Ladies, just like you, use Hashtags + Organic Strategies to get Visible AF and connect with your DREAMY, most fun and Ideal Clients online!


Hashtags! Just throwing them up on your posts and praying they work? Tired of attracting spammy bots and inauthentic followers with your current Hashtag Lists and Instagram account? I got you, boo! I want to teach you exactly what you have to do to find Hashtags that actually work and connect you with clients who are ready and waiting to buy your offers on Instagram!


I know this because I am you. I’ve been there and I’ve successfully come out on the other side.

Before I tapped into the magic of #Hashtags and Organic Social Media – my business never really felt like a business. I had to work extra hard just to sign one client, I felt like no one online was hearing my important AF message I was trying to spread and I felt like when I showed up online, I would just attract a bunch of spammy bots and creepy dudes online (eww, gross!)

I know what it feels like to work 1, 2 or 3 jobs and day dream allllll day about what it could be like to work from home and be my own boss.

I know what it feels like to have your power shut off for non-payment and eat quesadillas for every meal because that was all I could afford.

And I know what crippling anxiety on a Sunday night feels like when your panicked and anxious about going to work on Monday after an amazing weekend off and being at home without the weight of the world on your shoulders.

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A little more about The Hashtag Queen, Courtney

When I learned how to use the power of Hashtags and Organic Social Media my entire life changed.

I finally stepped into the Badass Boss Lady I truly am and my business flourished.

  • I was able to retire my boyfriend to work full-time from home on our business.
  • I went from having daily panic attacks to having them 5x per year.
  • I scaled my membership site from 30 members to 330 members in less than 6-months (with zero ad spend #Organic).
  • I built a 6-figure business in year one.
And I went from the most miserable person I knew, to the happiest person I knew ALL THANKS TO HASHTAGS AND ORGANIC SOCIAL MEDIA!!

This work changed my life and now I am on a mission to teach everything I know to you and any boss lady who desires the same financial, time and life freedom for your life!

When I am not trying to #takeovertheworld #takeovertheworld, you can find me hanging out with my Joseph David, Posey Girl or my girlfriends sippin’ some Rose somewhere in nature here in the Pacific Northwest!

Fun Fact: I have a deviated septum and I literally can’t smell anything. This makes it particularly hard to by perfume, candles, deodorant, or any other hygiene products LOL


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I can’t wait to learn more about you, your business and see photos of your fur babies!

XO, Courtney

Your Biz Bestie + Hashtag Fairy Godmother