How To Benefit The Most From Instagram And Social Media For Your Business

Monday September 3, 2018

small business social media


Social Media has some MAJOR benefits for small businesses around the world! Instagram is one of the biggest social media platforms that currently exists on the planet. Facebook’s younger sibling, Instagram is taking the world by storm and helping small businesses around the world make lots and lots of money!


The problem is that in a world filled with likes, comments and follows – businesses are still focusing on vanity metrics like how many followers they have and are less focused on their customer acquisition and if Instagram is ACTUALLY making them money or not!


The short answer to this debacle is building a Customer base VS building a ‘Follower’ count. The long answer? Keep on reading!


More times than I’d like to admit, I get people asking me how to “get verified” on Instagram or get “a blue checkmark” on their profile… The truth of the matter is that there really is no rhyme or reason for the check marks on Instagram and having a verified Instagram account doesn’t typically increase the sales in your business.


Now I say typically because if you are a public figure like Kim Kardashian or Gary Vaynerchuk, a verified account is important so that your followers know it’s actually your account and not a fake. The blue checkmark isn’t necessarily a status quo, but a tool used for people to know which accounts are the real deal and which accounts are the fakes by just taking a quick glance at their profile!


Other than that the blue check mark does not matter.


Being verified on Instagram does NOT equal more money or success in your business.


The good news is the same! It doesn’t matter so we can stop focusing on that and start focusing on what DOES matter on Instagram. Customer acquisition and SALES!


In today’s 2018 Instagram world, there are literally millionaires and billionaires on Instagram with less than 5,000 followers. To that extent, there are also accounts with over 100k followings who aren’t monetizing their content at ALL.


Having a large following DOES NOT mean you are making money or own a viable and profitable business.


This is why you need to stop focusing on the vanity metrics and bullshit and start focusing on making MONEY in your business and sales.


What is customer acquisition and how do you make more SALES in your business?


Customer acquisition is basically some Fancy pants language that just means a strategy behind acquiring customers vs followers. The biggest difference between a customer and a follower? A customer actually had invested their money in you and your products and services.


Does having a following up your social proof? Sure. But so does ENGAGEMENT. But that’s an entirely another beast where I talk a little about here.


If you’ve read this far and you’re looking for some fresh and new ways to start attracting and acquiring customers instead of just followers and I’m here to give you a few tips!

Instagram Growth Strategy

ONE: ALWAYS create high-quality content that is of value to your customers


If you are just posting selfies to boost your ego and they aren’t purposeful you won’t be attracting any customers who are ready and willing to buy from you anytime soon! You have to show up for them and provide value! Value can manifest into a reality in a lot of different ways, but the best is to find out who your ideal client is first (take my free masterclass and get the workbook here) and then create FOR THEM.


If you are reading this blog post, just know I created it with YOU in mind and with value at the forefront. I sat down and I thought about the content you would like to consume and I put it into this fine piece of content 😉 The same goes for your email lists, social media, and all the things. ALWAYS put the customer first in business and create for them! Value = Success = Sales!




Don’t sit around and just expect quality customers to drop from the sky. You have to genuinely show interest and interact with them! The best and easy way to do that on Instagram? Hashtags! Find the hashtags that are best for your ideal client here and spend time engaging with them DAILY


I also find that watching your ideal customers stories on Instagram and sending DMs to them is a great way to genuinely connect. This is easily the best and #1 task for creating a loyal customer base, but you have to be genuine and you have to show up! Don’t use bots. Don’t just send emojis. Have a real interest in them and their lives and leave genuine comments and DMs. I promise you, this will go a long way!


THREE: Have a plan!


I’m sorry but if you want customers who are serious and want to buy you have to strategize. Showing up on Instagram and social media whenever you feel like it doesn’t count either. Have intention in all that you do and strategize. If you want to strategize with me get access to my free masterclass on building your social media strategy here!


Pro Tip: remember, it takes sometimes upwards of 8-10 times of your products and services being presented to your ideal customer before they actually buy. So keep at it, strategize, engage and focus on value and you WILL have the success you desire!


So to wrap this up – create content geared towards your ideal client, ENGAGE with them genuinely, and have a plan in place to get you to where you want to go! 


I had a coach tell me once that being in business without goals is like driving in the dark without headlights. YOU DON’T KNOW WHERE YOU ARE GOING!


In order to get where you want to go, more money, more sales, more success, turn your damn headlights on and strategize!


If you want someone to strategize with, I am here to coach you and be your guide in the dark social media night 🙂 Feel free to reach out to me here!

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Small Business Social Media
Small Business Social Media
Small Business Social Media
Small Business Social MediaSmall Business Social Media
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