How I Added 350 People To My Email List and Facebook Group in ONE DAY – in 4 Easy Steps!

Tuesday August 21, 2018

email marketing hack


You’ve heard it before, and you’ll hear it again! The gold is in your email list!

Four steps, a couple of hours and over a 350 new people on my email list and in my Facebook group later, I felt like I hit the jackpot with this email list and Facebook Group growth hack!



If you didn’t already know this, you only own 2 things. Your website (if it is self-hosted of course) and your email list. All of your other social media such as Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Youtube, and Twitter is NOT owned by you and can be deleted and vanish into thin air at any moment.



If your Instagram account with 10k followers was deleted today, how the hell would they find you again?


The answer simply put is your email list.


**There are some affiliate links below, but these are all products we highly recommend. We will never put anything on this website that we haven’t verified and/or personally used. We may receive a small commission in exchange if you purchase through our links, that is at no additional cost to you. Please see our Privacy Policy + Disclosure for more information.**


I could go on and on and on about the list, but I won’t – this blog is simply to help you hack the growth of your list and your Facebook group at the same time!


Yep. You read that title right. In one day I added 350 people to my email list (with very little effort) and I got 99% of those same new people to join my Facebook group, too!


When I was first started getting serious about FINALLY building my email list I was so confused.


I had been growing my online platforms and blogs steadily for a while, but to be honest, growing an email list kinda freaked me out and I ignored it for so long.


How do I get those people? Why would they want to give me their email address? What kind of content could I provide to then? ALLLLLLLLL the questions were going through my head.


Before I give you the juicy AF and simple strategy of how I did this you will need a few things done, first!



Join some badass Facebook communities that allow promo inside their groups on a regular basis (get my free checklist HERE filled with 20+ of my favorites including my group The Boss Lady Social)



Create your first bomb AF Freebie and set up your sales page and a simple funnel – I use Leadpages + Aweber and I’ll never turn back! The difference between a thriving email list and a boring one is the content you provide to incentivize your people to ‘opt-in’. A freebie, otherwise known as a ‘lead magnet’ or ‘opt-in’ is a piece of content in the form of a pdf/download, a webinar, an ebook, a swipe file or any other form of valuable information for your audience to download in exchange for them giving you their email address. This step is the MOST important step because without a juicy AF opt-in you will not be successful!


My advice is to give it all away. Give away value and give your best content. When you provide high-quality FREE content, you are able to turn those people into paying customers! Just think of it this way. If you are giving away all the amazing content for free, you know they are interested in purchasing something from you because it is just going to be that much better!


Don’t skimp out on this step. I recommend having 6-12 AMAZING opt-ins each year and consistently promote them vs having 100 half ass freebies that no one would want in the first place! VALUE is so important here!!



Craft a bomb diggity and attention-grabbing post that you can use with a gorgeous graphics or feminine stock images to grab your ideal clients attention in the Facebook groups you will be posting your Freebie in!



This is where the fun part comes and SIMPLE AF way to get people into your Facebook group – link your thank you landing page for after they have opted into your home AF Freebie to automatically send them to your Facebook group! Leadpages makes this super easy and simple – you can check them out here!


That’s it. Four steps and I grew my email list and Facebook Group in less than 24 hours by 350+ people and it was easy AF! There are a few ways to maximize your success with this so let me give you a few more pointers!

Instagram Growth Strategy

Pro Tip Number 1:

Don’t try to post in more than one group a day promoting your offer. I try to stick with 1-2 groups a week to promote my Freebie to reduce my chances of being flagged for spam and to maximize the Facebook algorithm.


Pro Tip Number 2:

Don’t ever copy and paste the same exact pitch or sales copy for your Freebie from one place to another. Facebook frowns upon this so make sure to switch up the graphics and the copy (slightly) to maximize your potential!


Pro Tip Number 3:

Make your copy value based and with the focus on THEM and not you. I see a lot of people saying “I” and “Me” a lot in their Freebie pitches and that can turn away so many people. Make it conversational but focused on your ideal client and customer and show them the benefit they would get from the jump by downloading it!


Pro Tip Number 4:

Have a strong AF CTA. My favorite types of calls to action are the “drop me a comment/emoji below and I’ll shoot you the link to get your free download”. These work great because you’re building relationships with the people who are interested because you are commenting back to everyone and because with each comment you get or you give, your post gets pushed up in the algorithm!


Pro Tip Number 5:

Last but not least if you do choose to do the above CTA and ask for comments, do NOT copy and paste the same responded try to spread out your commenting back throughout your day so you don’t get flagged for spam! I know it’s a pain in the rear to respond to these comments all day, but when you get 350+ new emails and member requests, in less than 24 hours, to your group and you’re able to make more sales and grow your biz, you’ll thank me!


Got a fun Freebie you think my audience would enjoy? Stop by the Boss Lady Social on Freebie Fridays and promote it to us 🙌🏼❤️

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Email Marketing Hack
Email Marketing Hack
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Email Marketing HackEmail Marketing
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