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Hi! I'm Courtney, the Instagram #HashtagQueen and I'm here to help!

So you've got your caption crafted, you've got your photo edited and ready to go - and you think you've found the perfect hashtags to connect with your ideal clients until you post....

& after a few intial likes roll in from your usual girl gang -crickets...

Ugh - I've been there girl. I feel you!

Did you know you should be using at least 300+ new hashtags each and every month for optimized Instagram growth? Yep! That is a lot of hashtags - that is why I have created a list of over 11,000+ Handpicked Hashtags just for you to pull from and make your Instagram growth easy AF!

What if we made finding the perfect Hashtags for Instagram growth easy, fun and just one simple click away?!

In a world where you are trying to sell your products and services, connect with amazing people online and do all the things, what if we could make growing on Instagram and Hashtags just one less thing for you to worry about?

Just imagine...

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  •  Simple to access and easy AF to use (literally takes 2 minutes or less!)

  •  Instagram Growth & Increased Engagement with your ideal clients (just ask the thousands of boss babes who have already used Hashtags from The Hashtag Files Society!)

  •  Saving you hours day, week and month because you aren't having to look up those pesky hashtags again 

  •  Making Instagram FUN again and about connection and value!

Sound Amazing AF so far? 👉🏼 Keep on reading!


👏🏻 INSTANT access to 12,000+ Hashtags in over 500+ categories, niches and locations (and growing every single month) that are targeted and guarenteed for growth! - Valued at $2,000

💻 Instagram Superstar our BRAND NEW INSTAGRAM COURSE!!! - Valued at $1,500

🙌🏼 Access to the Hashtag request portal where we will literally do the research for you! Going on Vacay and need hashtags based on your destination? No problem! Looking for a niche category? We got your back! Let us know and we will find what you need! (just think of us as a Personal Hashtag Virtual Assitant!) - Valued at $600

📱 A 12-Month Printable Instagram Posting Ideas & Social Media Calendar - Valued at $99

📵 Did we mention the retired Hashtag library where we guide you through which hashtags to stop using every month to optimize growth? - Valued at $2,000



instagram hashtags

Normally these Styled Stock Images are $500 - but they are a free & an exclusive added perk for our Tier 2 + Tier 3 members, only!!

Use these images on...

👉🏼 Instagram

 🖥 Your Blog

 💻 On Your Website

😍 For Gorgeous Sales Pages

💌 Emails & Newsletters

🎥 Youtube Thumbnails

📍 Viral Worthy Pinterest Graphics 

& So Much More!

The Hashtag File Society is valued at over $6,700 but you can get started at $35 a month!


A little more about Courtney & The Hashtag Queen

courtney sjoberg instagram

Hey Boss Babe!! I'm, Courtney!

Besides being obsessed with all things social media and small business marketing andonline growth - I love to cook, hang out with my business partner and boyfriend Joe and travel with our pup Posey girl all around the USA!

We both work Full-Time on our business She Social LLC and love serving boss babes just like you!

Want to learn more about me? Follow me on Instagram! 

Your FAQ Answered!

Is there REALLY 12,000+ Handpicked Hashtags in 500+ Categories?

YES! We spend 100+ hours every month adding 1000+ hashtags, retiring bad hashtags and keeping our members in the top posts on The Gram! This is our ZONE OF GENIUS!!

How do I get access to The Hashtag Files Society? 

Once you sign up you will be instantly sent some login information from our system. You will be able to login to our website easily from any device and have instant access to everything inside the portal! If you are having any issues please send us a message at and our team will get back to you ASAP.

Can I cancel my membership? 

Yes! All memberships can be easily canceled on your own – right from the member portal on our website! There are no contracts and no obligations - ever!

What is the difference between the membership tiers + pricing? 

Each Tier has different features, please read over the features to determine which membership is best for your Instagram needs!!

We also offer a discounted rate to anyone who purchases an annual membership to The HFS. If you are loving your membership - you can always upgrade to a year long membership – if you would like to change please send us a message at and our team will help you! 

How often are new hashtags uploaded into the membership portal? 

Every single month new hashtags and stock photos (photos for Tier 2 + 3 ONLY) are uploaded! We are always looking for suggestions for hashtags and value our members input! Any hashtag suggestions that are requested must be entered before the 13th of the previous month in order to be uploaded by the 1st. The majority of our hashtags are female entrepreneur based. If you have any questions about hashtags you would like, please contact us at

Do you offer refunds? 

Due to the nature of the membership site giving you instant access to all materials, no refunds will be given. But trust us (and our current 400+ raving members) when we say you won’t ever ask for one because you’ll love it so much!

When will my account be charged for my membership fee?

All accounts are charged on the same day of purchase depending on the type of membership you have. If you signup for a monthly membership on the 22nd of the month, you will be charged the monthly fee every 22nd. If you sign up for the 6-month membership on the 23rd of the month, you will be charged again on the 23rd of the month for the 6-month pricing, 6-months later! And the same for the annual! This of course changes if you cancel your membership and then you won't be charged again!

Who Is The Hashtag Files Society Made For?

#️New & Seasoned Boss Babes! 

Whether you're just starting out as a blogger or a coach or your full-time in your online boutique, fashion blog or coaching business, the Hashtag Files Society is for you! If you're looking to connect with your ideal client and grow your platform on Instagram - these hashtags and stock photos are made for you!  

#Entrepreneurs who are serious about growing their platform and connecting with their ideal clients! 

You are looking to grow your following but you understand that in order to make more sales in your business you need to connect with the RIGHT people online - your ideal clients!  

#The Workaholic, Boss Mom or anyone else looking to save TIME and money! 

The Hashtag Files Society is a service that was created for the boss babe who is looking to grow her following! We do that for you! Going on vacation and need the perfect hashtags? We've got you! Need a feminine stock photo that hasn't been used a million times already online? We're here! Our job is to save you time and money and help you scale your business online through good social media practices and making it easy AND FUN!  

Who The Hashtag Files Society is NOT for:  

#The make money online easy and fast wantreprenuers. 

These hashtags and photos will help you grow online and connect with your ideal clients all over the world, but to make your business profitable online and grow your social media it requires you to put in the additional work!  

#The "I wanna get insta-famous" wannabes. 

The Hashtag Files Society will get more eyes on your Instagram and social media than ever before, but we're here to help you grow your blog, your business and your company through connecting you with your ideal client so you can deliver them value and build relationships! Not just to look cool and get a "blue checkmark" on the gram.

HFS Society Raving Fans 


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Did you know you should be using at least 300+ new hashtags each and every month for optimized Instagram growth? Yep! That is a lot of hashtags - that is why I have created a list of over 12,000+ Handpicked Hashtags in over 500+ Categories just for you to pull from and make your Instagram growth easy AF!

Join the thousands of babes who have experienced growth on their Instagram by using our Handpicked 12,000+ Hashtags!!


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