How should I submit my request?

Sunday March 17, 2019

PLEASE NOTE** When submitting your request, please only enter one request at a time. Since you are only allowed to make a certain amount of requests per month, we will not be able to research any requests that are entered in bulk.

BEFORE making your requests, please watch The Hashtag Handbook Training #7. Once you watch this training,  you will know exactly how to use hashtags to attract your Dreamy AF clients.

When it comes to hashtags, we don’t always want to be so literal, and we also don’t want to be too broad. Let’s use pets for example. A bad request would be to just ask for ‘dogs’. It is too broad and isn’t attracting the kind of dogs you are looking for. A better thing to request would be ‘Chocolate Labradors’.

If you don’t know what to enter, please send us 1-3 keywords/hashtags you have been using and if we have further questions we will reach out with questions.


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