5 Ways You Can Start Making Money On Instagram

Friday August 17, 2018



Instagram is my peanut butter to my JAM!

I love Instagram – it certainly is no secret! Are we friends?? I have actually been making money off the platform for well over 3 years now and I have even written an entire course on how you can learn my top tips and secrets to this world famous social media platform! If you are looking for some new ways to make money on Instagram – then this is the blog for you!


1. Start Selling Your Own Products And Services

What are you talented at and passionate at as well? Are you a phenomenal cook? Write an ebook cookbook! Are you a certified personal trainer? Create an at-home workout guide for the busy career woman! Whatever it is that you are good at – you can monetize. (If you want to learn how to make an ebook or pdf for sale I can teach you exactly how to do that in The She Social Society, too!!) One of the things that absolutely blows my mind is when people want to make a sale online but they are too scared to ask for it! Now you don’t want to annoy TF out of your audience with 10 posts a day – but a few posts a week on your valuable offering is a great way to make more money on Instagram! Your audience wants valuable shit and if you have something valuable to share or sell – it is time for you to start doing so! 

Want to write a course? Check out this blog post from last week, it might be just what you need to read!


2. Start Linking Your Products And Services From Instagram To Pinterest

Now I know this isn’t technically just about Instagram – but for those of you who might not have a blog or website yet, this could be a viable option to get you started. Pinterest is one of my absolute favorite platforms (see this post) and I think that every business owner should be utilizing it. Why not take those products and services from number 1 of this list and cross-promote them from Instagram to Pinterest? You could be making double the money from just one perfectly crafted post!! If you want to learn more about Pinterest I also teach about that in The She Social Society!


3. Reach Out And Pitch Yourself To Brands You Love

Did you know that I got my first sponsored post before I even had 1,000 followers? Yep! I felt like I was on cloud 9!! I mean to not only get sent free products but to be able to post about them and get paid for that too? YAAAS PLEASE! One of the biggest rumors in the internet world is that you need to wait until brands reach out to you. NO NO NO! Girlllllll you gotta go after what you want! Now I definitely would recommend learning how to do this before just pitching yourself to a brand – but it really is as easy as that. Pitch yourself like a boss and get exactly what you want!!

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4. Become An Affiliate Or Join A Network

Don’t want to pitch yourself to brands? That’s ok! With programs like Commission Junction and ShareASale, you can join and get approved in as little as an hour (depending on each individual websites standards and procedures). Don’t want to go through a network – 99% of the places like Amazon, Target, Best Buy and more already have affiliate programs in place. Just be careful to read all the terms and services, as not all platforms allow you to place links on places like Instagram and Pinterest. Amazon requires you to place all affiliate links on a privately owned website!


5. Sell Your Photos

Yep – you CAN do that! With today’s iPhones and Android’s having top quality camera’s, you can be making money by selling your images on sites like Foap and 99designs in no time! If photography and taking flicks is your thing you can learn how to brand your Instagram profile to attract in the right people and sell the images to them to be used for their brands, websites, and social media. 


Basically, if you can think it, you can do it in today’s Instagram market! Have fun, get creative and make some money on The Gram!!


If you want to learn the tools, tips, and techniques that I used to grow my account to over 10k – you can check it out here!!

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