5 Things I Wish I Knew Before I Started My First Blog

Friday August 10, 2018



Are you ready to become a #blogger?!

Believe it or not, this isn’t my first blog. To see my first ever attempt at a blog you can do so by clicking here! Blogging is not only a passion of mine – but it is something that I am really good at after 5 years of practice! I honestly wish more people in my industry would utilize blogging as it is a great way to develop social proof, connect with potential clients and friends and grow your business. Here are some things that I wish I knew thought before I started my first ever blog.


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1. WordPress.Org

It’s no secret that WordPress is Joe and I’s favorite platform for any blog – you can read more about that here. But if you are going to build yourself a blog on WordPress I want to make sure you know that you need to be doing it on WordPress.org and NOT WordPress.com!!! First, the fact that they couldn’t name it anything more confusing erks my nerves! As if building a website wasn’t already foreign territory! Don’t worry though, Joe is a professional Web Developer and Coder and can help clear this up for us!

The biggest difference between .com and .org is that WordPress.org is a self-hosted platform where you are to go out and purchase your domain, a place to host it and then you are free to go. If you need a place to go for the best ever hosting we recommend SiteGround to all of our readers and clients!

Basically when you use a website like .com or even .blogspot.com like my first ever blog, you are limited to the amount of customization you can do any type of content you can post. Some affiliates and companies will not allow you to post their stuff on a website that is not owned and operated by you. And honestly at only about $70 for the ENTIRE YEAR – why wouldn’t you choose SiteGround + WordPress.org?!


2. Create A Blogging Schedule

Trust me, you’ll thank me later. When I first started blogging it was for shits and giggles and I wouldn’t post consistently. If you are reading this blog you may have noticed it is apart of my “5 Things Friday” series. Each and every week I post at least one blog on Friday talking about 5 things I have learned in relation to social media, websites, blogging, and overall business. It also makes coming up with content SUPER easy. If you want to make money blogging, you have to treat it like a blog and the first thing you can do is create a blogging schedule and stick to it!


3. Invest In A Good Theme

My second blog, The Fancy Sister, was originally created on a free theme. Now – at the time this was all we could afford, but we have come to learn that not only is the one time $20-100 investment of a theme make your blog look better, it can make it much more efficient, too! For example, this blog is run with a theme that has WP Bakery. This enables me to create layouts for my all my blogs, web pages, Girl Boss Growth Hub content and more! It uploads all the content in a neat, tidy and consistent manner. That, my friend, is what changed the game for me! Now when I sit down and create content for months at a time in 1 week – I can not only streamline the process for myself, but I can also pass it along to my team members!

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4. Growing Your Social Media BEFORE You Launch

When I launched my first blog I launched my Instagram account damn near the same day. I was so proud of myself but I was frustrated with the fact that my growth was sooooo slow. By the time it came to launching The Fancy Sister my Instagram was BOOMIN! I got over 10,000 pages views within my first month of making it live! I 100% give all the credit for this to Instagram. I worked my butt off by building my audience up for the site launch. I chatted about it, I posted about it. And this was WAYYYY before Instagram Stories was even a thing. Getting my audience so invested in my up and coming venture made them way more likely to check it out when it was finally time for all the world to see! So if you aren’t thinking about starting your blog yet – you can at least learn how to grow on social media first!


5. The List Is Your GOLD

Ok, you may have heard this one a time or two before – but it is so true that I need to talk about it. Growing your email list from the very beginning is absolutely crucial to growing your blog. Unlike your social media, your blog and your email list are the only things that are truly owned by you. You could wake up tomorrow and your 10k Instagram account or 5k deep Facebook Group could have vanished. OUCH – that thought hurts my head but it is true. How would your people find you again? What would you do to start over? If you have everyone you can join your group – you could easily send them an email and redirect them to where they can find you from now on. Also, with Facebook and Instagram’s algorithms only about 5-7% of your audience actually ever see’s your stuff. WHAT?! Yep! I know! But if you have 5,000 people on your email list and you send out a newsletter guess how many people see that? ALL 5,000!




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