5 Things I Wish I Knew About Social Media Before I Started A Business

Friday July 6, 2018




Social Media For Business Can Be WAYYY DIfferent Than Personal Social Media!


1. You do NOT need to be on every single social media platform that exists

Way back in the day it was about the race to all the platforms. Pick your business name and go as fast as you can to get your Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, ALLL THE THINGS. It was all about posting everything everywhere and it just doesn’t work that way anymore. Now it is more important to master the 2-3 platforms that you loved using before you had your business. If you focus on using platforms you love you are more likely to use them more and show up and when you show up authentically as you, your audience will always connect with you more. So do a social media detox and trim the excess fat on the platforms you need to ditch!


2. Social Media for biz requires you to actually BE SOCIAL!

For whatever reason, a lot of new business owners forget this important step. Making connections with your followers is so important for your brand image and internet street cred. Don’t forget to take time to respond to all comments and DMs. Embrace the connections! I like to take 30 minutes to an hour each and every day to try to genuinely engage online. Nothing can build your business up quick than to build your online network!


3. Intuitive posts always work better than daily “just because” posts, always!

One thing I learned was that showing up online just to “stay above the algorithm” or just to just post for visibility and not because you want to build connection, never works. Just a few years ago I might have told you to post 3 times a day, minimum, but in 2018 it’s about quality over quantity. Share your life, share the behind the scenes, share the good stuff. Don’t just share for the sake of sharing – use your gut and intuition!

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4. Don’t try to bullshit your followers. Be real and be authentically you!

The internet is a fierce place. You can’t pretend to be someone you are not because someone will call you out on your bullshit. Plus, why would you want to in the first place? In order to connect with others, you gotta be real. I have tested this theory in many different ways. My best example is my quote graphics vs my personal stories. When I post a raw and vulnerable story about my life – I always get more engagement. You can see why engagement is so important 👇


5. Getting good engagement is the most important!

What is engagement? Why does it matter? Engagement is super important because it isn’t just about how many followers you have, but how much they like, comment and engage with your stuff!! This is also important for you to be able to land the brand partnerships that you may be looking for with big companies. In order to get paid the big bucks, you need to up your engagement!! Since your actual posts are only being shown to about 5-10% of the followers you have, anywhere from 4-7% engagement is really good! Don’t know your numbers? Well here is my simple formula to figure yours out!




Lastly just remember good and organic growth takes time. Stop striving for fast growth, blue check marks, and all the ego-driven bullshit. Strive for connection, impact and they know like and trust factor that is so much more important for your brand and business at the end of the day!

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