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5 Signs To Look For To Know That It Is Time To Fire Your Client

5 Signs To Look For To Know That It Is Time To Fire Your Client



So it’s time for you to fire a paying client…

Firing a friend is hard, let along firing a PAYING CLIENT. But sometimes it must be done. When I first had to let go of a paying client I was scared shitless, but as soon as I released them from my clientele, my business skyrocketed and I was much happier. I now have embraced the fact that this is our business which means we do not need to serve those who do not make us feel good. Joe and I only want to work with our dreamboat clients and we have the power to do so. Here are some of the biggest signs to look for when it is time for you to move on from a client.


1. They Are Copying Your Content

I once had a member of The She Social Society, My Boss Lady Growth Hub, go off to build her own membership site that was tooooo close for comfort to my exact business model. Now while they had every right to do so, I couldn’t help but wonder if they were copying some of my content and using it as their own. Because of that question surfacing in my head – I knew I had the kick them out of the membership site. Now I do not like to do this or ever want it to come to this point, but as a conflict of interest, I had every right to do so. There is a major difference between being inspired by someone’s work VS copying it. If you ever get the feeling, or an email from a courteous bystander, that someone is cutting things too close to your exact copy – I want you to always feel empowered and able to end the uncomfortable situation on your terms. 


2. You Cringe At The Thought Of A Call With Them

Don’t get me wrong, sometimes you will get anxiety before a client call and that is totally normal – but if you feel sick to your stomach or cringy it is time to start looking at this relationship between you and the client. I have had a client that made me fearful before getting on the call with them. They would question everything I was doing and they would consistently belittle me as a creative and business owner. I now know that was their own hang-up, but it didn’t matter they had to go. No amount of money is worth letting that negative energy into your precious vibration. Let them go and make space for a dreamboat client that you can’t wait to chat with!


3. They Don’t Pay You On Time

This is probably the thing I see happening the most often and that makes me so sick to my stomach because all of these amazing girl bosses keep these clients around for the fear of lack and letting them go! But I’m sorry if your client doesn’t respect your worth, value, time and work enough to pay you on time – it is time to let them go. You work your ass off and you deserve to be paid, in full and on-time, every time. Shit happens and sometimes mistakes get made, but if this is a reoccurring offense it is time to look into the reasoning behind why this could be happening and exploring the option of letting them go. I also want to add that if you don’t already, start using an automatic payment system like Moon Clerk or having your lawyer add a hefty late payment to your contract and then sticking to it. Don’t ever let someone take your hard work for granted.

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4. They Aren’t Putting In The Work And Holding Up Their End Of The Deal

Joe and I like to call our line of work “Done With You Services”. When we are building a website, a course, a membership site or something for a client – it is up to them to get us what we need, on-time and fully completed. Not only does it delay the process when they don’t deliver the copy, the images or whatever it is that we need for them, it interrupts the other projects and things we have going on as well. If a client keeps on prolonging the project or skipping the homework – it might be time to say sayonara and let them go.


5. They Continuously Cross ALL The Boundaries You Have Set In Place

First of all, don’t be like me and give away your phone number to a client… EVER. I learned that the hard way, but if you do – they need to respect your work time from your home time. I have had clients texting me at 11:30 pm asking for updates and demanding last-minute check-in phone calls on days I am already booked solid. DO not let this happen. I would first give them a warning and have a chat because you may not have set clear boundaries in the first place, but if they expect you to be everything to them at all hours of the day and night – that is a client worth letting go, I promise!!

Have you ever had a nightmare client? Or maybe you have one now? Let us know about it in the Girl Gang Facebook Group – were here to help!!

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