5 Must-Have WordPress Plugins To Scale And Grow Your Business Online

Sunday March 11, 2018

must have wordpress plugins

Have you started a new WordPress blog or have you had one for awhile? Did you know that there are thousands of plugins that can help enhance your blog and make your life a lot easier?

Let me help you out with 5 of the most important plugins to help keep your website performing at its best!

It’s important to note that while plugins can offer a lot of help, they also have the possibility of causing issues with your website, so be mindful of the plugins that you use and how many you are using.



Speed is extremely important when it comes to a website and it actually helps you a lot with SEO. It’s one of the higher SEO factors, so it’s really important to Google.

What does caching mean? Cache is a place to store data from a website. This means that once you visit a site, that sites data is stored so the next time that you visit the site will be served to you faster because it will not need to grab the site’s data since it will have already been stored within your browser.

WP Super Cache, W3 Total Cache, and WP Rocket are three of the most popular caching plugins.



Backing up your site regularly is extremely important and one of the best things that you can do. The last thing you want to happen after you build a website and create content is to have it be lost for one reason or another. Whether it be that your site was hacked, the server crashed, or a variety of other reason, be smart and back up your content and database regularly.

Backup Buddy, UpdraftPlus, and BackWPup are some of the best plugins for this.

Note: Your hosting provider might offer this for free with your package, so make sure you check with them, first!



I talked previously about how to keep your website more secure – here. So check that out first!

With WordPress now serving more nearly 30% of all websites, there is plenty of opportunities for hackers and viruses to intrude on your website. Don’t have your website blacklisted by Google because of security issues, otherwise, no one will ever find you on Google.

The last thing you want is to have your website hacked and have to figure out how to fix it. Using security plugins can help ensure that this never happens. If you have customer information you definitely want to make this a priority because customers won’t like if their information is stolen from hackers.

iThemes Security, WordFence, Sucuri are three of the more popular security plugins.

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Image Compression

On any website, Images are extremely important to showcase who you are and what your website is about, but this also comes with speed issues that can hamper your site and affect your SEO – Nobody wants that!

Keeping your images compressed as small as they can go will help provide you enhancing the speed of your site which will keep your views on the increase. If you are a photographer and have a lot of photos you really need to take the time to compress them to give your viewers the best experience.

EWWW Image Optimizer, WP Smush, reSmush.it will help ensure your photos are always compressed!



To some people, SEO (search engine optimization) may seem like the most important of these plugins because it will help with getting your website discovered on Google. But without the previously mentioned plugins, your site will have trouble being discovered because it will be slow, full of malware, and lack and user experience.

After you have secured your website and made sure that the user experience is amazing, you can then concentrate on using an SEO plugin which will further help increase your website views.

Yoast SEO, All In One SEO, SEO Framework can be configured to help your site be better optimized for search engines.


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