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5 Important Things About Branding Every Entrepreneur Should Know

5 Important Things About Branding Every Entrepreneur Should Know




Building a beautiful and, as my branding expert girlfriend, Karina would say, LEGENDARY branding takes hard work and commitment but it isn’t impossible to do on your own without hiring a fancy designer.


I’ve built multiple brands for myself and my clients and alongside the things I’ve learned from Karina and some other amazing boss babes, I wanted to put together a list of the things I found to be the most important when building your brand in the beginning.


1. Make A Mood Board

Don’t go in blind. Have a plan. Make a mood board and use it. A lot. If you want to learn how to make a mood board that really reflects you and your vision – I have a training in the She Social Society you can get instant access to here!


2. If You Want To Elevate Your Brand, Purchase Your Fonts 

The fonts that are in Canva are so overly used it’s not even funny. If you want to stand out, purchasing a font is a great way to do that! I also have a training on how to buy legal fonts and upload them to your Canva account in the She Social Society


3. Be Consistent In Your Branding – EVERY WHERE! 

Use the same branding you use on your website, your Pinterest, your Instagram, on your Facebook and more! You want to be recognized no matter the platform for you amazing brand! This is the easiest way to achieve that!

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4. Build A Brand Standard FROM THE BEGINNING! 

Along with a mood board you want to create a brand standard from the start. This will help with when you start to blow up and hire help to show them your style and what you expect when they are creating content and material for your business. This includes graphics, copy, fonts, colors, and the overall experience you want your customers to have across the board.


5. Spend The Money And Invest In Quality Photography

One of the best things I ever did for my business was use a professional photographer. Having your own headshots and stock photos for your brand that are different from the free shit online makes all the difference. If you want exclusive access to some amazing stock photography you can check our selection out at the She Social Society!

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