3 Reasons Your Hashtags On Instagram Aren’t Increasing Your Growth And Engagement

Monday August 27, 2018

3 Reasons Your Hashtags On Instagram Aren't Increasing Your Growth And Engagement 1


The top 3 reasons your Instagram hashtags aren’t working and giving you the growth you want and deserve and how to fix them! (P.S. Grab my Boss Babe Ultimate Hashtags Guide down at the bottom!)


Organic Instagram growth and hashtag strategies on Instagram are my absolute favorite way to grow and build relationships and grow a following that actually engages and invests in you and your business or blog.


For the past 5+ years, I’ve been studying hashtags and algorithms and this is the only strategy that I have found to be consistent through these algorithm changes and Instagram headaches!


I am the hashtag queen over in Instagram – no seriously I started self-proclaiming that but it has turned into a real thing and you can learn more about me here on my podcast The #HashtagFiles!


In all seriousness I see these three mistakes being made in Instagram in regards to hashtags all the time and so I wanted to write a blog post dedicated to it to help you step up your Instagram growth game and start growing your following in Instagram TODAY!




I know this sounds obvious and silly but I literally had a client download my 99 boss babe hashtag guide Freebie and she said it wasn’t working! Well with over 3000 downloads and not a single complaint before, I was concerned so I decided to do some Instagram hashtag investigation!


To my surprise (and hers) we discovered her profile was private and had accidentally been switched from public to private so no one was seeing her posts or hashtags!


Hashtags cannot be seen unless you have a public Instagram profile!


So make sure your profile if public to get used out of hashtags. To check this out have a friend unfollow you on the gram for a sec and refresh to see if she can see your stuff! You can also check by going incognito on Chrome and typing in your IG handle into the url and seeing if your profile is public or not on your own!




Hashtags are prime real estate on Instagram and just as you wouldn’t want to miss out on using all the square footage at a swanky beachfront Cafe, you don’t want to use less than 30 hashtags – ever!


I wrote in a previous post here about using too big of hashtags which is also a common mistake made on Instagram and you can check that out here!


Hashtags on Instagram are so important for organic growth so use them all and switch them up OFTEN! I recommend switching up 50% of your hashtags on a regular basis and switching up your core hashtags every month or so!

instagram growth strategy



Just like anything else, Instagram is no different from attracting spammers and people pushing inappropriate content and distasteful posts. One way accounts spam is through using certain hashtags.


The problem is that these hashtags they use, that Instagram also has banned, aren’t always obvious types of hashtags!


What do I mean by this?


Obviously using a hashtag like #porno is going to go somewhere gross and more than likely be banned – but did you know that hashtags like #easter and #snapchat are also banned hashtags?


The best way to avoid this happening to you and compromising your Instagram profile is to check your hashtags on a regular basis. I know it’s a lot of work and takes a long time but it’s worth it in the long run!


Want an easier way to check your hashtags and get the best and safest hashtags for growth at your fingertips? The She Social Society was designed for the busy boss babe who wants growth but doesn’t have the time to find and check her own hashtags regularly!


To check out how you can get instant access to over 4,000+ hashtags that are safe for use and great for growth you can go here!

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3 Reasons Your Hashtags On Instagram Aren't Increasing Your Growth And Engagement 2
3 Reasons Your Hashtags On Instagram Aren't Increasing Your Growth And Engagement 2
How To Use Hashtags On Instagram
3 Reasons Your Hashtags On Instagram Aren't Increasing Your Growth And Engagement 4How To Use Hashtags On Instagram
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