10 Ways to be MORE Productive in the Early Stages of your Online Business

Monday March 5, 2018

10 Ways to be MORE Productive in the Early Stages of your Online Business 1

If you are anything like me, or most entrepreneurs when they first started out, your brain can sometimes feel like a pile of MUSH – LOL!!


In the beginning, we wear so many – actually ALL of the hats. And if I have learned anything about feeling sane in the early stages of my business, it is creating new habits to increase productivity!


So without further ado, here are my TEN tips and tricks to make yourself feel (semi) whole again in the early stages of your biz!


1. Batch Your Tasks – Daily!

I am sure you have heard this before because it is WORTH talking about. When I take the time to batch plan my tasks on different days of the week, I get SO MUCH MORE done! Here is an example of how I might batch plan:


Monday > Weekly Social Media Photoshoot + Hashtag Research

Tuesday > Write ALL Weekly Blog Posts 

Wednesday > Content Creation Day

Thursday > All Client Calls + Client Work

Friday > Admin Tasks


Find what works best for you – and then batch plan it!


2. Time Blocking

Similiar to daily batching, you could batch different things by time blocking your day. My brain can’t handle that and I prefer daily batching, but I know so many of my boss babe girlfriends SWEAR by time blocking!


3. Get into Alignment

Nothing will make you more productive than getting into alignment and letting shit FLOW! When you take the time to make your faith your full-time job and do your meditations, energy work, and tap into your divine feminine – you will be so in-tune with The Universe that your days will fly by and you will feel like you got EVERYTHING done! Mindset work is the most important work in your business :-)


4. Add MORE Fun to Your Day

It has been proven that when you are having fun you are more likely to show up, keep going and give it your best! If you can find ways to fit more fun into your day to day tasks you will ALWAYS be more productive!


5. Have an Intention Behind EVERYTHING you do

Setting intentions CHANGED by business. An intention is a feeling and a goal is a task. Think of it like going on a hike. If your goal is to make it to the top of the mountain but you don’t have an intention – you will never feel fulfilled. BUT if your goal is to make it to the top and your intention is to enjoy the nature, sunlight and company of your hiking partner – getting to the top will be MUCH more enjoyable. So find a way to infuse daily intentions into ALL that you do. For example, my goal for this blog is to get more views + new readers, but my intention is to educate as many people as I can and have fun! The two together work in PERFECT harmony!


6. Start Saying “NO” –  MORE!

One piece of advice? Stop saying yes to shit that doesn’t set your soul on fire! The most successful people know when to say no, and they say it OFTEN. If you continually say yes you will get drained and overwhelmed. So start flexing your “NO” muscle. You will thank me later!


7. Take Regular Breaks

Stop skipping your lunch and breaks. WHY do you think it is illegal for companies across the world to not give their employees breaks? Because they are NECESSARY for productive + healthy work. If I were you, I would start to schedule them into your day from the start. Working from home can be hard because you can feel like you are always working – but if you take the time to separate work from home and take breaks you will be MUCH happier!

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8. Outsource if you can

Sooooo many people think that outsourcing “isn’t possible” for them. Riddle me this – if your hourly rate is $150/hr and you need to clean your house but you really don’t want to and it takes you 8 hours – how much money did you waste that day? WELL, 8 x $150 = $1,200 – SOOOOO that was a REALLY steep house cleaning. Now if you paid someone $300 a week to come and do it for you – it would actually SAVE you money. Same goes for a Virtual Assistant. If you are having a hard time with a task that you can outsource for 5 hours a week at $15/hr you will save SO MUCH MONEY. So start making these investments and keep yourself in your zone of genius at all times and free up the bullshit off your plate!


9. Stop Waiting/Planning + START DOING

If you added up all the time you waste on planning and waiting you would be SHOCKED. So many times we try to over plan and in-turn we NEVER get anything done. DONE IS BETTER THAN PERFECT, always. If you don’t put out your work you LOSE every time. So start just doing. You can always go back and improve and you will get better and better with time. I promise!


10. Focus on Winning Each and EVERY day!

Last but not least win each and every day and just focus on putting one foot in front of another. Because one day turns into two and two turns into a week and before you know it you CRUSHED the entire month! So stop putting pressure on yourself to kill the year – just kill the day every day and you will feel SO MUCH better – I promise!!

– – – – – –

At the end of the day, I want you to remember that running a business is a lot like running a marathon ( if I could guess, I have never run one hahaha). Pace yourself and give yourself lots of breaks, water (or wine LOL) and pep talks.

REMEMBER, You are a SPECIAL human! Running a business is only done by us, the crazy ones ;-) Haha! Allow yourself to work hard and play hard. Don’t take yourself too seriously and always deliver value to your customers and you will always be successful!

Sending you all so much love + light,

XO, Courtney

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